I’m a research-based designer. Currently I am completing my RASL double degree education in Rotterdam. My fascinations lie in embodied research which I then translate into hybrid design. 

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Highlighted projects
  1. Stop anti-LGBT Propaganda 
  2. The Voyage
  3. In Search of the Common
  4. To Lend a Hand
  6. (Inclusive) Gentrification
  7. Veiled Tales

  1. Milda, a font
  2. The Art of Seeing
  3. RASL Publication
  4. EUC Academic Journal
  5. Social Categorisation


3. In Search of the Common


                This transdisciplinary project was done in collaboration with Chiara (politics major), Esmee (econometrics major), Francesco (fashion designer), Helena (philosophy major), Lydia (singer) and Tyra (arts & culture major).
                We chose to work together due to our shared interest in ecofeminism and in time this shifted towards an interest in alternative and queer ecologies, blurring the space between the human and nature.
                The final outcome of our collaboration took the shape of a zine where we explored the concepts that were most influential to us, and produced a map of Rotterdam city, connecting all existing green and arts initiatives that work in reclaiming the city. The zines were scattered in the city using outside tiny libraries. 

            Poster side of the zine, with Rotterdam’s map and our manifesto. 

            Zine delving into the most influential concepts during our research process. 

            An excerpt of our process video, sharing our manifesto. 

            Snippets of documentation and process.