I’m a research-based designer. Currently I am completing my RASL double degree education in Rotterdam. My fascinations lie in embodied research which I then translate into hybrid design. 

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Highlighted projects
  1. Stop anti-LGBT Propaganda 
  2. The Voyage
  3. In Search of a Common
  4. To Lend a Hand
  6. (Inclusive) Gentrification
  7. Veiled Tales

  1. Milda, a font
  2. The Art of Seeing
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  4. EUC Academic Journal
  5. Social Categorisation


6. (Inclusive) Gentrification 

                (Inclusive) gentrification has it all in the title: can gentrification and its consequences be made more inclusive to everyone involved?
                During my research I noticed that a lot of times we – expats, students, middle-class residents – are part of the problem. We usually choose to go to hip cafes instead of the local shops, making the latter go out of business and increase the process of gentrification. But what would happen if we would be made aware of it? Are we even conscious of everyday decisions?

            To test it out I made an Implicit Association Test (IAT) which is modelled after the ones used in scientific research in order to see the unconscious associations people have with hipster shops vs. local shops.

            Snippets of the IAT test. Modelled according to The Harvard Implicit Association test.
            Presenting my project at a RASL Event panel on gentrification.