I’m a research-based designer. Currently I am completing my RASL double degree education in Rotterdam. My fascinations lie in embodied research which I then translate into hybrid design. 

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Highlighted projects
  1. Stop anti-LGBT Propaganda 
  2. The Voyage
  3. In Search of a Common
  4. To Lend a Hand
  6. (Inclusive) Gentrification
  7. Veiled Tales

  1. Milda, a font
  2. The Art of Seeing
  3. RASL Publication
  4. EUC Academic Journal
  5. Social Categorisation


I am Gabija Bubnytė and I am currently in my final year of the RASL double degree. In my studies I simultaneously combine graphic design at Willem de Kooning Academy with international relations and politics at Erasmus University College. This duality allows me to develop my fascinations which gain a research dimension. I believe that any research, in order to be valuable, must be embodied, I then translate these lived experiences into design. Although I like experimenting with different mediums, my affinity lies in print. 

  • JAN-MAR 2019 — Studio RENS, Eindhoven. 
  • AUTUMN 2018  — Witte de With Contemporary Art Centre, Rotterdam. Helping organise the E-flux Symposium. 

  • JUNE 2020 — Kintai Arts; working on an animated documentary exploring the forgotten villages of Lithuania. 

  • MARCH 2021 — Codarts ART & IMPACT; presenting The Voyage.
  • MAY 2018  — RASL Events; presenting my (Inclusive) Gentrification project.