I’m a research-based designer. Currently I am completing my RASL double degree education in Rotterdam. My fascinations lie in embodied research which I then translate into hybrid design. 

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Highlighted projects
  1. Stop anti-LGBT Propaganda 
  2. The Voyage
  3. In Search of a Common
  4. To Lend a Hand
  6. (Inclusive) Gentrification
  7. Veiled Tales

  1. Milda, a font
  2. The Art of Seeing
  3. RASL Publication
  4. EUC Academic Journal
  5. Social Categorisation


4. To Lend a Hand


                ‘To Lend a Hand’ was a project part of the Performative Action practice at Willem de Kooning Academy. With a group of design researchers such as myself we worked along Pension Almonde in Rotterdam and immersed ourselves into the worlds of precarious living, protest and food. The result of a semester of embodied research is the collective cookbook that has been made in collaboration with PrintRoom Rotterdam. 

                Collective publication featuring the recipes of each participating designer and, in its totality, serving as an archival and documentation tool retailing what we have done during our time in Pension almonde.

            My recipe in the collective publication. It is intended to be listened to as it recollects the listening workshop we participated in. 

            Snippets from my reflection and process booklet where I reflect on similar experiences I’ve participated in.

            A snippet of Study Kitchen #3, showing the type of embodied research we have done and recollecting the actions that we performed.